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If you are in Treviso

Treviso is no camera-clicking crowds, no tourist mass, no stress. It’s winding narrow streets of the town centre, elegant palaces with porticos as the Loggia dei Cavalieri, Palazzo dei Trecento or Pescheria, the views on its canals, a glass of chilled and sparkling Prosecco to #LiveItalyLikeALocal ... Come with us to discover secluded corners, secret culinary spots and breathe the peaceful city life only for a few discerned travelers! Enjoy the #ItalianLifeStyle!

If you are in Venice

Venice, built on water, is art, history and atmosphere. The city is also famous monuments and sightseeing such as Rialto Bridge and its Market, St. Mark's Square with the Doge's Palace and the Bridge of Sighs. Come with us to discover secluded corners, secret gastronomy spots and Venetian Lagoon tours only for a few discerned travellers

If you are in Padua

Padua is a city full of life, activities and diversity, rich in art and architecture and a place of business. Known worldwide by pilgrims for the Saint Antony's Church, the city is also famous monuments and sightseeing such as Prato della Valle, Giotto frescos in the Scrovegni Chapel, the Medieval city centre and the oldest existing University Botanical Garden. #LiveItalyLikeALocal ... Come with us to discover secluded corners, secret culinary spots, typical “osterie” and tours only for a few discerned travellers! Enjoy the #ItalianLifeStyle!

If you are in Riviera del Brenta

Aristocratic villas exclusively designed by renowned architects and famous painters such as Palladio, Tiepolo, Scamozzi, Longhena and many others, spread along the course of the Brenta river linking Venice to Padua

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Riviera del Brenta Villas tour - VE26

Dolce vita in the country: between the 15th and the 16th century the noble families of Venice built thousands of villas in the country estates of the Serenissima, where they used to spend the summer. Our tour starts with Villa Foscari, known as “la Malcontenta". This is the only one built by the famous architect Palladio along the Riviera del Brenta and it still preserves the original architecture, facing the waters of the Brenta River. We continue our tour with the visit of Villa Widmann, located in the municipality of Mira, to finish then with the visit of the impressive Villa Pisani in Stra'. Villa Pisani, also named The Nazionale, is certainly one of the most famous examples of Venetian Villa, extending on a surface of 11 hectars with an external perimeter of 1500 meters. Its construction started in 1721 by the noble Venetian family Pisani. Inside the building you can admire works by Giambattista Tiepolo, while in the park, awarded as “the most beautiful park in Italy" in 2008. you can freely walk through the labyrinth, called “The Labyrinth of Love”, and one of the biggest in Europe.

02 Full day Venetian hidden Roman origins - RB11

This full day tour is suggested to people interested in Roman history. You will go along one of the two main Roman counselor roads, Via Annia. Built in 131 b.C. (? or 153? or 128?)  by Praetor Titus Annius Rufo, it started from Adria and reached Aquileia along the North-East Italian coast. You will visit Altino and its National Archeological Museum, built inside a huge archeological area.  During the way, we will visit the ruins a Roman bridges situated in the country land in Ceggia; then Iulia Concordia, now Concordia Sagittaria, important Roman colony founded in 42 b.C., which is considered to be the second biggest early Christian center after Aquileia.   The last stop will be Aquileia, which is called “Northern Pompei” for the quantity and quality of Roman ruins. There you will have the opportunity to visit the impressive 750 sq.m floor mosaics of the Patriarchal Basilica, the biggest in the Occident.  

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Must-Have Shoes factory tour - PD07

Are you a shoe lover? Do not miss the chance to enjoy this half day outlet tour in the shoe district of the Riviera del Brenta. This district represents the excellence of luxury shoe manufacturing worldwide, a tradition which dates to the 17th century, when the Venetian nobles used to reach the Riviera to buy their own custom made shoes. At that time the shoes here produced were already renowned for their elegance and style, due to the quality, accuracy, refinery and care employed during all the phases of the production cycle.This is also true nowadays, as the most exclusive brands still choose Riviera del Brenta as their production headquarters. In one of them, a Venetian Villa, you will have the opportunity to visit the Museo della Calzatura, where is held a small but very significant collection of Venetian shoes of 18th and 19th.

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