I was born in the countryside of Venice, in the Terra dei Tiepolo district and near a unique and cosmopolitan city. I spent part of my study period in Trento and Germany, where I could improve my German and English skills and come in touch with other cultures and traditions.

After my degree in Modern Languages, I joined a Master in Economic and Tourism Management and I work in a luxury hotel in Venice. In this way, I developed my passion for the tourism industry. 

I love organizing events and tours, but always with a sustainable perspective. In my papers at university, I have always given importance to the safeguard of the environment both analyzing the fragility of a World Heritage Site, and the impact of a luxury hotel.

Talking of tourism, the notion of carrying capacity is for me necessary to plan the perfect touristic product and I find that tourism could be a solution to economic and social development. It is an economic sector that as the other must be studied and planned.

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