Abruzzo is a mostly mountainous and wild region located in the central part of Italy, between the heart of the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea. The lyfestyle here has not changed for centuries, in fact it is possible to find ancient forests only inhabited by wolves and bears, centuries-old pathways and ominous castles dominating the wilderness. On the other hand, the eastern boarder, facing the Adriatic sea, is dominated by sandy beaches.


The most effective way to reach Abruzzo is th International Airport located in Pescara, which is served by mostly low-cost carriers that link the region to many international destinations.


L’Aquila, located on the Gran Sasso, certainly is the most artistically important town of the region, thanks to its priceless artistic heritage.

On the other hand, the city of Pescara is mainly well-known for seaside tourism, in fact it can boast many long and sandy beaches.

Other important towns are Chieti, clinged on a hill near the coast, and Teramo, with its Medieval and Roman sites.

Not to mention then the countless old hamlets, where rural lifestyle and traditions survived until today. One of the most picturesque towns is Scanno, with its narrow alleys and Baroque gateways. Sulmona then is also worth a visit, being equally-rich in history, traditions and artistic treasures.

The tourist resorts in the mountains are well-equipped with facilities for skiing and winter sports, while the natural reserves, such as the National Park of Abruzzo and the Gran Sasso Park are the ideal place for nature-lovers.

Beach-goers can either enjoy the long and sandy beaches of the northern coast or the pebbly beaches in the south, choosing among one of the many sea resorts like Tortoreto, Giulianova, Silvi Marina, Roseto and, further south, Ortona, Vasto and San Salvo.