Located in the north-western corner of Italy, between France and Switzerland, Aosta Valley is the smallest region of the country. Its landscape is dominated by ancient glaciers and over a third of its territory lies at an altitude of over 2,600 metres above sea level.

The region hosts the highest peaks in the Alps: Cervino, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and of course Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe.  


The closest airports are Turin, Milan and Geneva, while the region can also be reached by train via Piemonte and by bus through national and international connections.


Aosta Valley is the perfect destinations for anyone who loves skiing, trekking, snowboarding and ice-skating, thanks to some of the most famous ski resorts all over Europe, such as Courmayeur, Cervinia and Pila.

The region also offers a attractions to all those who wish to appreciate the natural wonders of the areas exploring the oldest National Park, the Gran Paradiso, and getting in touch with animals in their natural habitat. 

The historical past of Aosta Valley, which has always been viewed as land linking Italy and France is reflected in its official bilingualism and its special status as autonomous region, as well as in the territory.

From the first century BC Roman Bridge, which symbolizes the Roman influence on this territory, through the primitive fortifications, military fortresses, residences and watchtowers that evidence the rich feudal history, visitors have the chance to follow an impressive history-soaked route.

This essentially Roman city of Aosta shows some evident signs of its past in important monuments such as the Arch of Augustus, the Praetorian Gate and the city walls.

The small but multifaceted region is also a destination for wine lovers,that can take a ride on the wine trail and discover the different grape varieties that grow there in very hard conditions.