Located on the “heel” of the Italian peninsula, Apulia holds the record for the less mountainous region of Italy. In fact, most of it is occupied by the flat Tavoliere, while there are some hilly areas between Murge and Salento.

This land conformation has fostered the cultivation of grain, granting to Apulia the title of "granary of Italy". 

A natural bridge to the east, Apulia indeed is a region rich in history and culture, which offers a wide variety of activities to satisfy all different types of holidays. 


The main airports of the region are Bari “Karol Wojtyła” and Brindisi-Casale.

In addition to the local railway lines, the national train service connects the major towns of Apulia with the rest of the Italy.


In Apulia (Puglia in Italian) there are historic cities that can rival any other city in Italy:  Bari, the regional capital, with its picturesque seaport and labyrinthine old town, the Baroque Lecce, known as ‘ the Florence of the South’ thanks to its more than 40 churches and at least as many palaces, the port towns of Trani, Molfetta and Barletta, not to mention then Martina Franca and Galatina with their frescoes and the 'tree of life' mosaic in Otranto.

The hinterland is very varied and provides travellers with a wide range of options. For example it is worth to spend some time to visit the several caves and fishing villages of the Gargano National Park, as well as the famous Trulli in the UNESCO Site of Alberobello.

The historical past of conquest and domination has still its evidenced in the numerous castles of the region, such as Castel del Monte, the most memorable and iconic one, which was not built to defend anything.

Apulia aso offers a wide variety of options to beach lovers, having the longest coastal extension after the main Italian islands. From the Gargano to the Salentine Peninsula, the coastal shape alternates white sandy beaches with rocky areas and cliffs.

Travellers can also choose to visit any of the beautiful islands, among which the Tremiti Islands are particularly worth a visit.