Basilicata, also known by its historic name of “Lucania”, is a southern Italy region and definitely not a major tourist destination yet.

Although it is slowing starting to attract more and more tourists, it still is appealing to those who want to explore an unspoilt region and enjoy the sight of a wild landscape dominated by mountains, deep forested valleys and rocky villages.


Since there are no tourist airports in Basilicata, the most convenient Italian airports to reach the region are the ones in Bari, Naples, Brindisi and Lamezia Terme.

As an alternative, there are also different railway lines that run through the region linking the major destinations.


The major attractions of the region are definitely the cities of Matera and Maratea, both listed among Italy's best destinations but yet not overcrowde with tourists.

Matera is famous for its rugged landscape dominated by cave-dwellings, while Maratea is a little town between the mountains and the sea and also one of Italy's finest seaside resorts.

Also worth a visit are the medieval towns of Melfi and Venosa, and the stunning Paletine Tables in Metaponto, which prove how Basilicata is also a region rich in art, history and culture.

Since the majority of the regioni is covered by mountains, sport lovers will then find something for their taste too. In fact, the soaring peaks of the Lucanian Apennines and the Pollino National Park are a wonderful destination for hikers, skiers and naturalists.

Last but not least, Basilicata can also boast two amazing coastlines. The Ionian Coast is the perfect destination for family holidays. Do not miss the chance to relax on the white sandy beaches of Metaponto and Policoro or to enjoy the many traditional seaside activities available.

On the other hand, the Tyrrhenian Coast is more suitable for adventurers, with its cliffs plunging down to the sea and with its intricated network of caves ridde amongst the rocks.