Although considered a busy industrial region, Lombardia offers its visitors the perfect combination of natural treasures and valuable artistic and cultural heritage.
Come and admire the beautiful Alps that tumble down to the flat plains of the Po valley, enjoy a relaxing day on the shores of one of the major lakes or treat yourself with a cultural visit of one of the over 300 museums, works of art and monuments scattered throughout its territory.


The region is well served by the airports of Milan “Linate”, Milan “Malpensa”, Bergamo “Orio al Serio”and Brescia “Montichiari”.

The city of Milan is also well connected to the rest of Italy by high-speed rail links.

The rest of Lombardia is then served by an efficient public transport network.


Milan, the regional capital, surely is known as a big destination for business travellers, but the city is way more than that.

If you are an art-lover you cannot miss some of the finest masterpieces which are there preserved, such as the very famous Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.

The Cathedral of Milan will then strike you as one of the most impressive monuments of the Gothic period.

The plains surrounding Milan are dotted with beautiful art cities: Bergamo and its “Città Alta”, Cremona, which boasts one of the most beautiful square in Italy, Pavia and the Certosa, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mantova.

If you are a sport enthusiast, Milan is the perfect destination for a football fan, while Monza, just outside the city, is the home of the Italian Grand Prix.

For longer, more chilling holidays, you can head to the beautiful beaches of Lake Como, Lake Iseo, Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda