Surrounded by Tuscany, Marche and Lazio, this little region is located at the very heart of Italy and never fails to amaze its visitors with its unspoilt winding landscape of hills, mountains, forests and plains.

Besides the natural beauties and the artistic and architectural masterpieces of its cities, Umbria is also well known as one of the main gastronomic destinations in Italy. 


Umbria has its own airport, located between Perugia and Assisi.

As an alternative, the region can easily be reached by train.


The capital of the region is Perugia, a town of medieval streets and Gothic palaces and a vibrant cultural centre famous for the jazz and chocolate festivals.

Besides Perugia, there are other several small medieval towns embedded in the hills that are worth a visit. Gubbio, the oldest village in Umbria that reached its full splendour during the Middle Ages, Orvieto, with its famous Gothic Duomo and St. Patrick’s Well, the picturesque Spoleto and, last but not least, Assisi, the UNESCO World Heritage Site between art and spirituality. 

The very essence of Umbria lies also in its food and wine traditions. Visiting the wineries and oil presses is the best way to fully comprehend the culture of this region. 

For those willing to spend some time just relaxing surrounded by nature, the area of Lake Trasimeno will provide some romantic and soothing landscapes.

While in this area, Marmore Waterfalls, considered to be among the best in Europe, surely worth a visit.