Venice, built on water, is art, history and atmosphere. The city is also famous monuments and sightseeing such as Rialto Bridge and its Market, St. Mark's Square with the Doge's Palace and the Bridge of Sighs. #LiveItalyLikeALocal ... Come with us to discover secluded corners, secret culinary spots and Venetian Lagoon tours only for a few discerned travellers! Enjoy the #ItalianLifeStyle !

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Dolomites Full Day Tour - VE05

A full day excursion to discover the Dolomite Mountains! The most important Italian ski resort area declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. This panoramic tour starts from Venice and reaches the Prosecco hills area ending, two hours later in the charming scenery of Cortina d’Ampezzo - "pearl of the Dolomites". Enjoy aprox., one hour of free time, after that the Dolomites tour leads to Misurina Lake (1756 mt) going up to “Passo delle Tre Croci” (1,800 mt), overshadowed by the Cristallo and Sorapiss Mounts. Stroll around and have lunch in a typical mountain restaurant (optional). After lunch the excursion will take you to the picturesque Auronzo Lake driving through mountain villages. One to mention is Pieve di Cadore: famous to be the place of birth of Tiziano Vecellio – The Titian, one of the most important Italian painter in the Renaissance. Free time to visit the interior of the house and to take some photo shoots before driving back to Venice.    

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Full day Venetian hidden Roman origins - VE03

This full day tour is suggested to people interested in Roman history. You will go along one of the two main Roman counselor roads, Via Annia. Built in 131 b.C. (? or 153? or 128?)  by Praetor Titus Annius Rufo, it started from Adria and reached Aquileia along the North-East Italian coast. You will visit Altino and its National Archeological Museum, built inside a huge archeological area.  During the way, we will visit the ruins a Roman bridges situated in the country land in Ceggia; then Iulia Concordia, now Concordia Sagittaria, important Roman colony founded in 42 b.C., which is considered to be the second biggest early Christian center after Aquileia.   The last stop will be Aquileia, which is called “Northern Pompei” for the quantity and quality of Roman ruins. There you will have the opportunity to visit the impressive 750 sq.m floor mosaics of the Patriarchal Basilica, the biggest in the Occident.

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Treviso's cheese experience! - VE31

This half day tour will lead you to the discovery of two world-class attractions of the Treviso area, giving you the chance to visit an imposing Venetian villa and taste some of the culinary delights of the territory. The tour will start with the visit to villa Tiepolo-Passi, a Venetian villa of the 17th century which will strike you with its baroque architecture made even more precious by the frescoes and original furniture of the inside. The guided visit will then proceed on the outside park of the villa, where you will be able to admire the elegant Italian style garden, the romantic English style garden, and the chapel. The second and last stop of the tour will be a cheese factory, founded in 1934, where the traditions of the past and the technological advancement of the present day combined together in order to produce delicious and tasteful dairy products. At the end of the visit, don’t miss the opportunity to taste some of their best cheese, such as the casatella, the “latteria” cheese, the “drunk” cheese e their peculiar “caciotte” with red chicory, speck, and chestnuts seasoning.

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Badoere asparagus tasting tour - VE13

This tour has been created to help you discover one of the many delicacies typical of Treviso area: The Badoere Asparagus, which obtained the IGP mark only in 2010, but can boast a long-lasting tradition, probably dating back to the Roman times. This product can only be appreciated from April to May and its unique, delicate flavour has a high nutritional value, in fact it is rich in mineral salts, such as calcium, iron, potassium, selenium group B vitamins and vitamin C. You will have the chance to visit a farm and understand how much time and manual labour are necessary to transform the asparagus in a selling product. Then you will have the opportunity to taste some products with the asparagus as the main ingredient and listen to the explanation of some of the countless traditional recipes. After that it is worth going a little further and get to Badoere, where you will admire the famous semicircular Market Square, called Badoere's Rotonda. The town got its name from the noble Venetian family Badoer, who commissioned this building in 1689, suiting the needs of the farmers' market. The "Mercatino dei Trovarobe" (flea market) is still held nowadays every Sunday from 8.00am to 8:00pm.  

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01 Do you know Treviso Red Radicchio? - VE12

We will let you discover one of the vegetables that is the symbol of the Treviso area and the first in Italy to get, back in 1996, the IGP quality logo (Protected Geographical Indication). There are 5 varieties of this radicchio, all with a different taste and colour: from the intense red and slightly bitter Radicchio di Treviso, to the sweet and delicate red and white striped Castelfranco’s radicchio. We will start our tour with the visit of a farm, to understand how much time and manual labour are necessary to transform the radicchio into a selling product. There you will have the opportunity to taste some dishes with Treviso red radicchio as the main ingredient and hear the explanation of some of the countless traditional recipes. The production area is rich in art and history, in fact, after that, we will move to Treviso, where you will visit the historical centre and time for a “spritz”.

Prosecco Experience - VE11

This excursion is recommended to wine lovers to discover the various production techniques of the most important sparkling wine in Italy: The Prosecco. The Prosecco Road winds through 120km of the hills that joins Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, and drives the visitor through scenery of endless vineyards, villages and little towns that haven't lost the passion for wine-making traditions. We will visit one of the most important Cantine of the area, following a guided visit you get a taste of different Prosecco wine. You can have also the chance to purchase a few bottles of wine before making our way to the enchanting little town of Follina with the ancient 14th century Abbey. Built on a former Benedictine abbey in the twelfth century building, the present Follina Abbey (1305 Abbot Walter of Lodi - 1335 Abbot Nordio Treviso) shows the typical construction plant with the Latin west facing façade and the apse facing east just as symbolism involved the Cistercian. After free time in Follina just sit back and enjoy the views during the return to Venice.  

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Half day tour: Trout Farm tour! - VE16

The intention of this excursion is to help you understand the world of the Salmon and Brown Trout. You will visit an operational trout farm and learn about the life cycle of each single fish, from egg, to fry, to adult fish. You will visit the hatchery and friary areas, and you may as well see the grading in progress, when the fish are selected based on size and quality. Feeding is done daily by the staff and you can see the water come to life as the fish vie with each other for the last morsel. While you wander around the beautiful surroundings of the Sile River Natural Park, you will have the chance to observe a large variety of wildlife, including cygnets and ducklings, which are a very popular sight. The River Sile with its pure, clear and fresh spring water, the observance of strict protocols which avoid the addition of chemical additives and the respect for the normal vital cycles of the most precious fish species, permit to have an always fresh, genuine and natural product. Last but not least, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a tasting of trout products and a light lunch with other farming products of the area, such as cheese, vegetables and wine. Trout and trout products can also be purchased. 09:00    Departure from Venice for a comfortable journey with our 8-seat minivan to reach the farm 09:45    Arrival at the farm. Visit of the trout working farm. 12.00    Light lunch 12:30    Departure to Venice 

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Piave wine tasting tour - VE17

lovers to spend some time relaxing, surrounded by the scents and flavors that reflect the culinary traditions of the Veneto. The DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) Piave wines Route stretches along a flat area where the Piave River (sacred to the Motherland for historical events associated with the Great War) flows across and enriches the composition of the surrounding soil to be ideal for growing magnificent vines. In the past, the Serenissima Republic has imported into the territory valuable ideas and knowledge. The "vineyards of the Doges" marks this area characterized by beautiful Venetian villas that have gradually transformed, over the years, from the grand aristocratic estates to important Azienda Vinicole, vine-growing holdings with their own good quality wine-label. You will have the possibility to visit one villa and the underground store. Hospitality and warmth will accompany your tastings of their wines and local products to discover ever new combinations that will surprise even the most discerning guest.

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The ultimate shopping experience - VE01

This tour is the perfect suggestion for passing 5 hours shopping in style in the fashion paradise. Only for shopaholic! Indulge in fearless shopping and surrender to the temptations of more than 100 prestigious boutiques, just a few miles away from Venice. The McArthurGlen Designer Outlet opens at 10am to give you the unique opportunity to explore the best Italian and international fashion brands! Tour will end not later than 3pm at Venice airport or cruise port. On request, we can provide a personal shopper (to be quoted separately).

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Must-Have Shoes factory tour - VE02

Are you a shoe lover? Do not miss the chance to enjoy this half day outlet tour in the shoe district of the Riviera del Brenta. This district represents the excellence of luxury shoe manufacturing worldwide, a tradition which dates to the 17th century, when the Venetian nobles used to reach the Riviera to buy their own custom made shoes. At that time the shoes here produced were already renowned for their elegance and style, due to the quality, accuracy, refinery and particular care employed during all the phases of the production cycle. This is also true nowadays, as the most exclusive brands still choose Riviera del Brenta as their production headquarters. 

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Riviera del Brenta Villas tour - VE26

Dolce vita in the country: between the 15th and the 16th century the noble families of Venice built thousands of villas in the country estates of the Serenissima, where they used to spend the summer. Our tour starts with Villa Foscari, known as “la Malcontenta". This is the only one built by the famous architect Palladio along the Riviera del Brenta and it still preserves the original architecture, facing the waters of the Brenta River. We continue our tour with the visit of Villa Widmann, located in the municipality of Mira, to finish then with the visit of the impressive Villa Pisani in Stra'. Villa Pisani, also named The Nazionale, is certainly one of the most famous examples of Venetian Villa, extending on a surface of 11 hectars with an external perimeter of 1500 meters. Its construction started in 1721 by the noble Venetian family Pisani. Inside the building you can admire works by Giambattista Tiepolo, while in the park, awarded as “the most beautiful park in Italy" in 2008. you can freely walk through the labyrinth, called “The Labyrinth of Love”, and one of the biggest in Europe.