• Venetian Villas

    Villa Godi Malinverni, one of the first works of Palladio (1537 A.D.)

  • Nobles Historic Houses

    Every noble residence has its own treasure.
    Immersive frescoed rooms, secular parks, hidden cellars...

  • Castles

    Castello del Catajo (1500-1700 A.D.) 

    from a military castle to the imperial residence of the Habsburgs, emperors of Austria.

Veneto Region has more than 300 Venetian Villas open to the public, 24 of them, born from the genius of Palladio, are included in the Unesco World Heritage List.

The fact that these residences are spread through all Veneto region gives us the opportunity to design any type of vacation and experience. From a detoxing & green weekend in the quiet countryside to the most extreme winter trekking excursion on the Dolomites.
Just choose the mood and get ready for your journey!


Northern Adriatic: Scents & Flavours

Authentic & unique flavours, sublime tastings and unforgettable visits! Your taste buds will waltz through food grown organically and grape varieties will enchant you, while your heart will flutter at the sight of  magnificent locations. That's what await you in the North-East of Italy, an extraordinary land filled with real emotions and genuine experiences.

At the foot of the Pale Mountain

Among tales of spells and ancient frescoed houses, doors that once were shut are now open again.

A World of Villas

From the Berici Hills to the Euganean Hills! Enchanted small promontories enclosing secret jewels, a deep journey in to the best pieces of history and art that everyone envies us. Two cities embended in hills, a stunning view over the wonderful Palladian Villas UNESCO world heritage sites.

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